2017 Bali Arabica Microlot Coffee & Crypto Project

2017 Bali Arabica Microlot Coffee & Crypto Project

June 21, 2017 Token Sale 0

Thanks To All Who Participated – Coffee Was Successfully Shipped And Received Across The Globe!


July 20, 2017 UPDATE:

It’s BaliCoffeeCoin1 Redemption Time!

Redemption Runs July 20 – July 27

We begin roasting, bagging and shipping coffee tomorrow.


How To Redeem:

Submit Your Name, Email, Phone, Shipping Address (Including Country And Zip Code), The Number of BaliCoffeeCoin1’s You Are Redeeming And Your Waves Wallet Address Via The Form Below. Then, make redemption payment by sending your BaliCoffeeCoin1’s to Waves Wallet Address:


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IMPORTANT: After submitting the form, make redemption payment by sending your BaliCoffeeCoin1’s to Waves Wallet Address:


I will confirm receipt of your details and redemption tokens via email. I will follow up with tracking numbers once your bags of fresh roasted Bali Arabica have been shipped.

Slack Channel

Summary: BaliCoffeeCoin1 tokens can be purchased now and will be redeemable from July 23rd, 2017 for 1 x 250 gram bag of direct sourced, roasted, bagged and shipped specialty-grade Arabica Coffee from this year’s harvest on Bali Island, Indonesia.

Price: 1 x BaliCoffeeCoin1 = 4 Waves

Price: 1 x BaliCoffeeCoin1 = 0.007 BTC

Verify Identifier:

BaliCoffeeCoin1 6GBDdt3y7uVaHDeETUWkQWefecHwED3xz7tftk3KYE7b

Gravit Official Token Verification Details Here

Download Waves Lite-Client Here

Project Details:

As part of our CoffeeCoin.io project – we are on our way back to Bali Island, Indonesia for this season’s coffee harvest and to continue development of our Waves-based coffee trading platform.

For an early stage proof-of-concept project that will help in our platform’s development, I have released a unique token on the Waves platform – BaliCoffeeCoin1.

This token will prefund the direct purchase of a micro-lot of this season’s specialty grade green coffee beans at source, along with the on-location roasting, bagging and shipping of the coffee to participants when it is ready to roast in late July.

Each BaliCoffeeCoin1 token represents 1 x 250 gram bag of the coffee I’m sourcing directly from my favorite farms there – including roasting, bagging and international shipping to participants.

This project gives participants the opportunity to use their Waves token to secure the freshest and most direct-from-source coffee they will likely ever drink!

At the same time, it allows us to show how tokens released on the Waves blockchain can be used to streamline specialty coffee purchases and improve the speed, efficiency and value in the supply chain process – a core function of our developing CoffeeCoin.io project.

Updates during the project will be posted here for participants to follow along with.


Token Sale: June 21st – July 7, 2017

BaliCoffeeCoin1 tokens are currently available to purchase on the Waves DEX for 4 waves each and will be available at least until we arrive on Bali.

(Update July 7 – We are now on Bali Island and will continue offering tokens through July 14th.)

Farm Visits: July 7 – July 14, 2017

We arrive on Bali the second week of July and begin our harvest visits to the network of farmers we built over the past four years. We will check on the status of harvest and processing of the fresh-crop Arabica coffees and collect our sample lots.

Cupping, Lot Selection and Purchase: July 15 – July 22, 2017

We will be roasting and cupping our samples to determine which is the best coffee to roast and ship to our participants. My network of Bali-based coffee professionals, including at least  one certified Q-grader will be involved in the cupping and scoring of the lots to ensure we select the best coffee for this project. Finally, we will make a middle-man free, fair value purchase of the selected coffee direct from the producer.

Redemption: July 23rd – August 7, 2017

After the arrival of the green coffee, we will announce the redemption period to participants here, on our slack channel, our email list and our social media channels. You will then be able to redeem your BaliCoffeeCoin1 tokens for your 250 gram bags of fresh coffee shipped to you anywhere in the world. Participants will send their tokens back to our wallet adding their shipping details in the attachment message box. We will be roasting and bagging the coffee on location in Bali.

All coffee will be bagged immediately after roasting in sealed and lined coffee bags with one-way degassing valves to ensure it arrives at your door at the peak of freshness.

Instructions For Participating With Your Purchase Of BaliCoffeeCoin1 Tokens:

  • Search For BaliCoffeeCoin1 / Waves pair. Our token indentifier is: 6GBDdt3y7uVaHDeETUWkQWefecHwED3xz7tftk3KYE7b
  • Click on the BaliCoffeeCoin1 sell order at a price of 1 BaliCoffeeCoin1 for 4 waves.
  • Enter the number of BaliCoffeeCoin1 tokens you would like to purchase under “Buy BaliCoffeeCoin1” and click “Buy”.

  • Your BaliCoffeeCoin1 tokens will be sent to your wallet.
  • IMPORTANT: Sign up for our CoffeeCoin.io ICO email list below or join our Slack Channel to receive updates on this project and be informed when the redemption begins. (Updates will also be announced on my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts below.)

I look forward to providing Waves Blockchain supporters with a one-of-a-kind coffee experience!

James Allen “Java Nomad”

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