ENDED: Token Pre-Sale

COF On The Waves Platform

ENDED: Token Pre-Sale

July 13, 2017 Token Sale 0

Sale Ran Monday July 17 4:00 AM UTC – Monday July 24 4:00 AM UTC

On The Waves Decentralized Exchage (DEX)

JULY 25: Read Our Post-Sale Update And Special Announcement Here


Please Read Whitepaper Before Participating

Max 2% (800,000) CoffeeCoins Will Be Released At A Massive Discount For Early Adopters

Sell Walls Will Go Live For Both Waves And Bitcoin 

Sell Walls Will Start At Approximately USD $0.05 (Five Cents) Per CoffeeCoin For First 200,000 Tokens In Waves And BTC equivalent.

Verify Waves DEX CoffeeCoin Asset ID:


Confirm At Gravit.ws Official Token Verification Page:


Watch Pre-ICO Token Sale Announcement Video Here

Watch A Clip From Our Bali Coffee Farm Visit On July 12 Here:

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To Participate:

1: You will need to have a Waves Lite Client. You can download yours here: https://wavesplatform.com/downloads.html

2: You will need to have your Waves Wallet funded with either Waves or Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you don’t have at least 0.03 Waves to fund your first transaction, visit: https://wavesmine.com/jumpstart

3: On July 17, our sell walls for CoffeeCoin will go live on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which you can access in your Waves Lite Client. Search for either CoffeeCoin / Waves or CoffeeCoin / Bitcoin or CoffeeCoin / Ethereum.

4: Confirm CoffeeCoin asset ID matches:  AcrRM9STdBu5PNiFveTCbRFTS8tADhKcsbC2KBp8A4tx – to avoid any possible fake coins by the same name appearing on the DEX.

5: Place your BUY order.

6: Your CoffeeCoins will appear a few moments later in your Waves Wallet!

7: Hold onto your CoffeeCoins as we develop the platform and work towards increasing the value of our project for the full ICO later this year.

Thank You For Your Early-Bird Support!

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